In the development of ATM (2014-2024), we expect the following:

  • An increase in air traffic in the airspace of the Czech Republic and an increase in traffic at Prague Ruzyně airport
  • Regulatory and political pressures limiting the company's independence of decision-making
  • A new distribution of competences in the field of ATM regulation
  • Integration of the ATM infrastructure and its components
  • Strengthening cross-border integration, mainly due to the increasing demand for capacity
  • A shift in the definition of the content of the core business:
  • Territorially - providing services outside the present FIR borders (we can not expect a major change due to state sovereignty and the fact that airspace for each state is one of the assets affecting turnover)
  • Functionally – a higher level of participation in the development of ATM technology and ATM infrastructure (nowadays exclusively the domain of industry or central institutions)